Starting a cut works intermittently

I have a Pi 4 running Lightburn Bridge connected to my laser. I can connect to it without difficulty, and it frames cuts consistently, but when I press start sometimes it will start the cut and sometimes the controller will behave as if a cut is running but nothing happens. The status in the bottom left-hand corner of the controller screen changes to “Run” and starts counting up, but nothing happens otherwise. I can cancel and start again, which sometimes works, but usually doesn’t. Sending the file and starting it from the controller works, but I can’t find a way to send the camera calibration file as a file instead of starting it. Also starting cuts from the software is more convenient, so I’d like to get it working consistently. Is there a way to fix this?

If there isn’t an easy fix, it would be helpful to have a file version of the camera alignment so I can send it rather than starting it so I can get my camera alignment working.