Starting chiller,fume extraction before cutting


Is there a way to start the water cooling pump and the fume extraction just before the laser starts cutting I would prefer not to have these running all the time? I have a Ruida rdc6442g.


How do you have the pump and fan wired and actuated now? You may have noted advisories against using the built-in outlets on the back of these machines as they are poorly designed and can create extreme failures.

My chiller is on a separate outlet, which also happens to have a BN-Link trigger, as does my exhaust fan and UV aquarium light. I start the chiller in advance to enable the temp to get to correct cooling level, but I don’t hit the exhaust trigger until I am just about to start the smoke.

No I am currently building my laser cutter and trying to understand how to wire in these components, my chiller is a 24V water pump going through a radiator. So how are you starting your chiller and exhaust fan, is it manual at the machine to do you have a method of starting these via the lightburn software? I do not see any output options on the Ruida so I am wondering if an external device like a Raspberry Pi is needed. Thanks! -Erik

I have all my fans, air assist and extra lighting set up on smart switches. For example when I say Alexa Air Assist! All my fans, air pump and extractor kicks in!

Switches are cheap!

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Ah, got it, thanks.

Does anyone know if there is a way of doing this via LightBurn so that it happens automatically when getting ready to burn?

I think the [status] output on the controller is active while the job is running, and could drive a relay. However, you really want your cooling to keep running after the job finishes.

Thanks @GingerKarma, keeping it running is not that hard with a delay relay ( XY-LJ02), but I really want the water pump to start before the laser powers up, that is my problem.

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