Static Electricity

Hi all,

Figured I would share something with you. I was having issues with the x-axis on my machine. It would start off burning properly but would then be cut off by a sharp line and begin burning to a different length (see photo). At first I had no idea what was causing this so I checked the usual suspects being the pinion wheel and the belts. They all seemed snug fitting so I ran it again. This time the machine stopped functioning. I ran the machine one last time while I sat close and after about 15 passes I could hear a zapping sound followed by a clunking noise. I realized that the machine was building up static electricity and then discharging along the wheel bearing causing the machine to jerk and slightly shift axis. To solve this issue I ran a wire from the screw that goes inside the T-wing within the 2040 aluminum extrusion to the center screw on an outlet. No more x-axis issues. If you are having this issue try out this quick fix.

There was a well-known grounding issue on Ortur machines that was discovered and fixed earlier this year. In that case it would cause the laser to disconnect resulting in a bad burn. I’m surprised that this caused a stepping issue in your case.

For the fix, Ortur supplied a grounding kit that basically interconnected all major components of the laser including laser module. Original instructions indicated further providing grounding through mains earth but was later revised not to require it.

In your case you may want to consider connecting your laser module to the chassis so that static on the laser module can also dissipate.

Thanks for the info. I’ll test that out after a quick trip to Home Depot. Might resolve the curtain issue I’m having as well. Worth a shot

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