Stencil Material for diode Laser Cutting

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What would you suggest as good material for cutting a stencil for painting on wood, or a wall with a sponge or brush (by dabbing the paint on)?

The material should of course be safe to laser (no plastics, etc.), durable (can be used a few times without falling apart), and thin and flexible (like the thickness of paper card stock).

Actual paper or card stock will absorb the paint and deteriorate and lose its form too quickly.


There are many laser safe plastics that you can use. Just make sure they are not PVC based.

Mylar is polyester, which is laser safe. You can get various thicknesses at art/drafting stores, up to cardstock-like.

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The above link provides a confirmation that mylar polyester is a material suited for laser cutting of stencils.

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And, b/c Mylar is durable and flexible, I think I can use a thinner-than-card stock thickness of it.

My only concern is that my diode laser (Eleksmaker A3 Pro 2.5W) might not be powerful enough to cut Mylar. Might just go through it? Unless I get the non-clear variety. I’ll search around.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Would laminating pouches be safe to laser cut (combinations of polyethylene, PET, EVA)? I couldn’t find definitive sources for the safety of cutting them? I am ordering some Mylar, but I have laminating pouches, and wanted to know if I can try cutting a stencil in them, if they are safe.

If they are optically transparent they will be hard to cut with a diode. It they have a color tint it could work.