Stepcraft 840V2 and UCCNC controller UC100


I am new to lightburn and want to test it with my machine before i buy it!
Did anyone managed to make Lightburn work with a Stepcraft machine and a UCCNC motion controller.
I’ve tried to make Lightburn detect my machine/controller but with no luck… :frowning_face:

Looking forward to your comments.

Kind regards,
Rodrigo Catarino

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Those controllers are intended for CNC use with Mach3, so no, they aren’t supported. I spoke briefly with the creator of the hardware about having LightBurn support, but he wasn’t interested in sharing how the communication works, saying that since he provides a compiled library that should be enough, but that only works on one of the 4 OS platforms we support.

You should be able to use LightBurn to save GCode that could then be run through Mach3 - use the GRBL-M3 device profile, as that is the most generic / compatible one.

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