Stepper noise difference

Since i pulled out stupid/useless back extraction fan i hear some new things.
Things like why my Y motor is sooooo much louder than X ?
Granted i replaced original X motor to one i pulled from a copier’s scanner and its 1.8 instead 0.9, but it performs, so no complaints there, but the noise difference is staggering.
Drivers are both the same, set the same.

Here’s the example:

I’m planning on replacing Y anyway, but i was wondering if this is normal ?

Sorry, video is quite quiet :smiley: Thanks to my Potato-phone 5

#Edit1# Been having innumerable amount of problems with this machine, this is just another one :smiley:

I’m not sure, but I do know that replacing the controller on my Ender3 3d printer with a better one will drastically reduce stepper motor noise. I think it has something to do with the power going to them not being as clean or filtered or something. Maybe a similar thing is going on here.

You can’t necessarily use the same settings on the driver board for different stepper motors.

X-axis stepper moves much less mass than the Y-axis stepper
X and Y axis are different steps per revolution. If you are running them at the same speed, there is going to be a frequency difference moving them.
Mechanical motion on X and Y axis might be different.

aaaand, they are different steppers. My V-6 Jeep engine doesn’t sound the same as a V8-Hemi… or even a V-6 Ford engine of the same displacement.