Steppermotor steps dont fit

Hello Community!
My machine runs on a GRBL 1.1 card. If i draw a rectangle X= 100mm
the laser output is x=125mm. I´m just starting my laser game, i suppose
that its a Marlin problem. Please help me to solve this problem.


You need to calibrate the correct steps per mm for the X and Y axis, These are GRBL paramters $100 (x), $101(y), and $102(Z). Calculate the correct steps the formula is:
Correct adjusted steps/mm = Current steps/mm X The distance asked to travel / Actual distance measured.
So as an example: if your current steps per mm for X ($100)=80. The calc would be:
Adjusted = 80 x 100mm / 125mm. In this case the correct entry for $100 would be 64 steps / mm.
Repeat for the Y axis for $101.

The formula works by calculating the percentage over target you are and reducing the current step rate by the same percentage.

Hope that helps.


Thanks David, it runs

Excellent, glad you got it worked out.



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