Steppers not working properly with lightburn (but work fine with inkscape)

I have upgraded my K40 to Arduino MEGA + RAMPS with A4988’s, running turnkey tyranny marlin.

When I create gcode with the inkscape turnkey to gcode plugin and send it with pronterface the cut comes out great.

When I connect my K40 to lightburn and try to jog it / run a print, the steppers make crazy noises and erratic movements, skipping a lot of steps and jerking all over the place.

Which configuration am I missing to fix this?

What settings are you using in each program? It’s going to be a settings issue.

I am not setting anything specific in pronterface - the only config for the machine is the bed size. I also didn’t touch any of the config options in lightburn, and not sure which options/configs to try tweaking.

Not config, just basics, like speed:


LightBurn defaults to settings that are appropriate for a slow CO2 system (100mm/sec). The GCode you’re generating from the InkScape plugin will have to choose a feed rate (speed) and it’s quite likely slower than the LightBurn default, so you will likely need to change it.

I am using 2000 as the travel speed and 1000 as the cutting/engraving speed in the plugin (though I don’t know what units that is in, probably mm/m?)

And what settings are you trying in LightBurn? It defaults to mm/s so if you punched in 2000 that’s crazy fast for your machine. In Edit > Settings you can switch to mm/min if that’s more comfortable.

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