Steps per rotation setting


I am trying to set up the steps per rotation of a 20oz tumbler but when I click on the down arrow, the rotary is not continuous rolling. Furthermore, I have to use the down arrow and the up arrow to let the wheels roll. It doesn’t work if I want to use continuously the down arrow. What should be the problem? How could I fix this? Thanks

Welcome aboard Elizabeth

I assume your rotary is connected to the Y axes.

The machine knows the machines ‘size’ limits including the Y axis and won’t let you go outside of that area.

I don’t think you are really understanding what’s happening when you switch between the ‘table’ and the ‘rotary’. The rotary is the ‘y’ table and has the same limits unless you change them…

You won’t ever be able to use a ‘continuous’ direction arrow, as the machine will ‘lose’ it’s position.

Make sense?

There are two types of rotaries. Wheel and chuck… which to you use.?



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