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Hi, I am tiring to do a sticker cutting. I have been following a guide video on YouTube for how to do it. I have made a perfect alignment with my sticker and just before I hit the start button I went to preview it and it does not show up. I tried to do a frame just to see if my laser recognize the shape and it does not, it frames in wrong location. My shape’s layer is in output and shown mode.
I would really appreciate an advice

Have you only added one target? Normally you will need to set two target positions.

No it’s two reference points, the second one is hidden by the preview window

The visible target does not seem to be associated with anything in the design. Typically it’s either a vertex on the pattern or a separate target, but both targets must have a fixed relation to the geometry you’re trying to align.

Most likely:

  • Edit → Settings → Ignore out of bounds shapes if possible is turned on
  • The adjusted position of the geometry lies entirely outside the machine’s platform

Add a pair of crosshairs to the design, match them to similar points on the material, and the whole thing should work.

How did you produce the blue and red circle with dotted line? This,


I ask because I do not see corresponding layer(s) for that set of shapes.

Well, when I added the second reference point it automatically made the circle like that.

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I tried that as well and nothing happened…
I thing that the mistake is with my laser’s coordinates. When I set it to absolute coordinates the object disappears from the preview window, but when I set it to user origin or current position the the object re-appears in the preview window.

What should I do?

Know I found the mistake. The laser position and the job position is messed up ( red and green dot).

How do I fix those?

Given that you’re working with a Snapmaker, I must defer to other folks with more knowledge of its firmware peculiarities.

Looking through previous Snapmaker discussions may be helpful:

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