Still cutting off images imported from Corel 2019

imported images from CorelDRAW 2019 still being cut off. I have a video showing what I’m talking about. I tried to send a file but it wouldn’t let me send to supports email. Basically any font from CorelDRAW 2019 that is converted into a bitmap and rotated is cut off. Only way to fix the images is to enable pass through.

Off topic, but why convert to a bitmap?

Back on topic, can you email one of the files in question to me? developer at lightburnsoftware dot com. When you say “but it wouldn’t let me send to supports email” - what wouldn’t? There shouldn’t be anything on our end that would prevent it, unless the file was really large.

Every time

I covert to a bitmap because sometimes when I export using the Macro something goes wrong. Once I was doing a cup and the top line of text showed up in Lighburn and in the preview menu but when it was sent to the laser, the top line was missing. It was the same color as everything else. I recreated that line of text and resized it and sent just the line to preserve the job. Another time it messed up the power clip I did on a memorial but at least it showed up in the preview before I wasted material. Mainly I’ve come to the realization that CorelDRAW 2019 doesn’t work well with the program. I really have trust issues that I didn’t have with RDWorks. I’m forcing myself to stick with LightBurn because I like all of the features that are available as far as placement and how it works with the ruida controls.

Please check the email you used.

Developer at LightBurnSoftware is the correct email address.

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