Still having issues with engraving, suspect LPS

Thinking along @ferg comments… Whatever you set here will be limited by the maximum speed set within the controller.

Since we don’t really know how fast you’re actually running, it’s difficult to make much of a suggestion.

I will add that Ruida and other DSP controllers don’t seem to work well with a scan angle of anything other than a multiple of 90 degrees. So a 45 degree angle doesn’t allow the hardware to do this and is done by Lightburn generating code to be at this angle…

Unless you know otherwise or can explain why, I’d keep the scan angle to some increment of 90 degrees, preferably zero.

I can run fast, and I don’t have anything near what you have for a scan adjust…

The pwm frequency (period) on my Ruida is defaulted to 20kHz (50uS). I would think you could enter the 20000 value into the Lightburn machine settings and write it back to the controller?

It won’t let you enter the 20000 value of my machine?

This may make a different with metal tubes. With co2, it will take an analog voltage also, so I don’t think it matters although I’d think a 1kHz value would be more standard.

From the linked post… what does 24k refer to?

I’m old and I’m thinking we aren’t speaking the same language… :thinking:

Are your photos in the same orientation as it was cut on your laser…? I.E. is the Y direction up and down?