Still having issues with LB displaying OT system fonts

This has been an ongoing glitch and I am perplexed in what is causing this. Happens with most versions of LB it seems. I am not running 1.0.01 yet…waiting. Running last version which was what 9.24
I have maybe 350 fonts and about 1/4 are OT type fonts and while they display in any other program they will not in LB and this has been an ongoing issue for a year…seems sometimes they will and sometimes they won’t…right now…won’t.
I cannot find any system setting that would hide OT fonts in LB or a computer setting and again they load up in all other software Photoshop…Word…all of my camera editing etc…?

So…nothing…because i have LB on two different computers both running windows 10 with latest updates and latest version LB and neither will show any OT fonts in LB…any other program is fine just LB…

Sorry Scott, this did get seen, but no response. We are looking into this further, but nothing to report at this time.

O.k….cool….has anyone else seen this btw.

I have not seen reports of this so far, but you’re asking a great question here. :slight_smile:

We are currently focused on resolving a communication issue with Macs using USB with Ruida controllers. It has been a bit of wack-a-mole. Not forgotten, but is going to fall after this Mac USB / Ruida issue gets fully sorted.

That’s fine…it’s not a huge issue as I just edit back out in photoshop and then import…rather a minor inconvenience

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is my computer just messing with my head again cause I have all my OT fonts in LB now. Maybe it was in some release notes but that would require I read and pay attention…:slight_smile:
If you fixed it…thanks…if not…then I hate my computer…

No additional work was done for OT font support that I am aware of. :slight_smile:

O.k……then I just hate my computer……:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rage:

It is odd. We have not seen other reports of OT fonts not showing up in the font list. @JoeSpanier just took another pass, testing the support with no issue.

If you continue to notice issues, please advise and we can revisit. :wink:

It’s an odd thing for sure. Never was convinced it was an LB issue but it does it on two comps running windows 10.
Then….all of a sudden when I installed the last update…viola…they appear again. Who knows…not a huge thing….just wish I could figure out the snag……so for now let’s blame…lMicrosoft…it feels right.:grin: