Still having trouble with polygon creation

Sorry guys, I have asked these questions before, but I always seem to get myself into something I don’t understand. If you look at my file, I am trying to attach two roof peaks to the polygon. It is called Bounding Layer. I know you can only select two lines at a time, but when I do that all the weld/boolean tools are greyed out and I can’t use them.

Should I make triangles first then attach them? Would that be easier, or and I missing something very small. I have been getting pretty good at creating polygons, but I am getting tripped up here.
3rd Flat need help design.lbrn2 (26.3 KB)


Looking at the file, it is not clear to me how you want the results to appear. Please provide an illustration for clarity, if willing. :slight_smile:

Is this the shape you are after?

Yes, the shape you built is what I want.

First I duplicated shapes on the black layer named “Bounding Line” and moved them down for editing. I then modified the duplicate using the ‘Edit Nodes’ tools. Inserting, Breaking and Trimming the lines at their junctures. I then deleted the undesired lines, followed by selecting the remaining lines and used ‘Auto-Join’ to close this shape. :slight_smile:

3rd Flat need help design_02.lbrn2 (41.1 KB)

Auto join selected shapes (Menus - LightBurn Software Documentation)

Looks at the start and end points of all the selected curves, and if any of them are close enough, connects them together into a single shape. Useful when importing DXF files, which don’t contain connectivity information. Click on “Auto join selected shapes” in the Edit menu or press Alt+J.

Thanks. I assume I can read what you sent to get a better grip on this. This seems to trip me up all the time. I am just a casual user that is doing this at a maker space as a hobby.

It can take a little investment, but we hope folks find our resources are informative and digestible in small bites. :wink: The top of the document I shared has a video run-through, for those that prefer that.

To help with learning, in many cases, you can hover the mouse over a thing and get a pop-out tool tip for that thing as a start or brief reminder. We also provide a YouTube channel.

Below I share some examples.


To create these shapes going forward, I would use the ‘Draw Lines’ tool.image

After setting up some Tools Layer guides, as you have, I would start at one end of the design and click the mouse once. Then, without holding the mouse button, start to move toward the next corner, and add holding the shift key to lock movement to horizontal, vertical or 45º direction. Letting go of the shift key allows free-range of movement. When you arrive at the next corner, click once again to set the next node. Continue around using snapping to assist until complete.

Got it. Thanks. I am slowly biting this off and getting the hang of it.

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