Still trying to sort through some of my issues

So I just realized that in my laser macro I have $13=0 and in my CNC macro I have $13=0
If I have Lightburn settings in “inch” mode and everything I enter is in inches, am I not creating a conflict with the $13=0 setting??

When you type ? in the console, and the machine reports the position, is it reporting in inches or mm?

If it’s in mm, and you have everything else in inch mode, you probably need to change the reporting to inches, yes.

Thanks for that Oz.
I will check it out when I can get back to the shop.

Hi Oz,
So I just got back to the shop.
Started everything up, typed $ in the console and this is what I got back.
Don’t know if this is inches or metric.

I don’t either - it’s all zeros. :slight_smile:

Jog the laser to somewhere you know, like 1"x 1"y and type the ? again.

Hi Oz,
I did that and this is what I get back.

Just as I suspected “inch”
However, when I started up that machine and clicked “get position” I got all zeros.

Perfect right?
But when I got to the 1" X 1" off set this is what I got.

Shouldn’t the “get position” read X-1.000 Y-1.000

I feel like something is wrong with your version of GRBL. If you’ve jogged to 1" from the corner, and it’s set to report mm ($13=0), then it should tell you that you’re 25.4mm from where you were. LightBurn expects that the controller reports position in inches, regardless of how you’re sending GCode commands, and every board I’ve worked with behaves like that, so I’m now thoroughly confused.

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