Stopping a job does not disable laser

In my testing I’ve discovered that starting a job from the interface works as expected and letting it run it’s course causes it to complete OK, however, if I hit the stop button the job ends, but the laser stays on.

Checking the console log, the M106 S0 command shows up prefixed with a non-printing character, it just shows as a hollow rectangle like this -> ▯M106 S0 which gets rejected by the interpreter. Following up manually with an M106 S0 disables the laser as expected (I’ve setup a macro for it now), but I’m curious if the issue I’m experiencing is a bug or an error in my setup somehow?

For setup background, this laser is a 3D printer running Marlin and I’m running Linux Mint 19.2 on the host machine.

It appears Marlin doesn’t have an immediate mode “abort” command like GRBL does, but still had the command in the stream. I’ve removed that and it will be in the next release.

Awesome, thanks for the quick follow up!

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