Stopping mid way on a project and resuming later?

So I am doing a large project with my JTech 7w laser on a shapeoko 3 XXL.

Project is 500x500mm and will take around 12 hours to complete.

My question:

Can I stop anywhere in the middle of the job (10-90%) and save or something, and resume at a later time? please help!

The best way to do this would be to split the job into different pieces, and run them independently. There isn’t a way to run part of a job at this point, aside from selecting which vectors / images you want run and using “Cut selected graphics”.

'When most people say this, they’re engraving a single bitmap image, and there isn’t a convenient way to split those in LightBurn.


Got you! Thank you for the response, hopefully in the future this might be added!

I’m sure I posted here just after the OP. I said something about just turning the machine off and it would resume if you wished when powered back on. Firstly, I don’t know if that is a common feature but it has been on both of my controllers. Secondly, what happened to my post?

The original poster stated he has a Shapeoko 3 XXL, which is a GRBL based controller, not a Ruida, so your response wasn’t relevant and could be considered confusing, so I removed it. GRBL controllers take streamed jobs, and don’t have the feature you’re referring to.

But I didn’t know that he didn’t know that his controller doesn’t do this which is why I actually did mention my controllers name. Seems like it would be a standard feature on all controllers of any platform. But alas.