Strange Camera View?

Hi-- I’m somewhat new to lasers, and I’m having a weird problem with the Lightburn camera. I have an OMTech 50w blue/gray laser, and bought a 120 degree 5 mp camera to go with it. I’ve gone through all of the steps to calibrate the camera and to align the lens, and everything looks darned good. But when I go to ‘Overlay’, I get this random trapezoid look instead of showing the whole bed. I feel like I’m missing a setting-- can you help? It’s very skewed and out of proportion. Thanks!

It may actually be working correctly. If you look at the alignment dots 1-4 they look square. The angle of your camera is quite severe so the image capture needs to be stretched quite a bit on top to accommodate.

Have you tried placing anything onto the surface and taking an overlay to see how it appears?

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