Strange Cut Path

I’m back for more! This time, now that the lines are in place, it has a crazy cut path. One thing you will notice is that one cut path is in order (bottom), and the other is all over the place (top). Trying to figure out why they would be different. I notice that if you group the bottom one it seems to have the same behavior as the top. I would expect since they are the same exact cut lines in the same place though, that they should follow the same order? This definitely loses a considerable amount of efficiency when cutting the top one versus the bottom one (4 seconds vs 8 seconds).


File attached!
WeirdCutPath.lbrn (25.9 KB)

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You can certainly find these interesting cases.

Not exactly sure why the difference in the 2 cases but did notice a couple of thigns.

If you remove the starting point overrides and enable “Optimize Cut Path” with “Reduce Travel moves” the top example goes to a more sane cut path. It’s not clear to me what’s prompting one path vs the other in the default state.

I’ve noticed I can “break” the good one if I recreate some of the individual component lines.


Hopefully this might be something Oz @LightBurn can look into. With efficiency being such a great benefit to laser cutting, I imagine others are being affected by this, but maybe in not such a clear example as this so it might not be as noticeable. I ended up having to copy/paste the one with the good cut path which solved the near term issue. I guess I was fortunate to have one that was cutting properly and not all janky!

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This is triggering a logic hole, because you’ve got a forced start point on all the shapes. The code wasn’t correctly computing the “score” for the shapes with a forced start point, so it ended up just running them in the order in which they were drawn. If you press the ‘Tab’ key repeatedly you can see that order matches your preview.

This is fixed for the next release.

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