Strange font showing up in one line only

I know I’m missing something but I don’t know what. The strange font is in the line ‘I GOTTA GET’'. I have deleted that line several times but it still will not change.

Any reason you are using different layers for the text? Your lines per inch is only 50.80. Is that the same as the others? It looks a little low.

Personally, if that is not the issue, I would just copy and paste one of the other text and just edit it. Then you are sure to have all the same setting.

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From what I can see, the preview is showing scan lines… it’s only on that one layer, so check the first layer and the last. The last should be the same settings as the first.

@MrMag question is valid, why are they on different layers?


i am burning this on 4"x4" black slate and the edges are chipped so is hard to get a good frame. I thought was it would be easier to move one layer around to size and position it. However, that didn’t work out so good so I will be deleting the layers for just one. Want to thank you for the quick reply’s.

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