Strange fonts instead of numbers in Machine Settings

In Machine Settigns the fonts that contain numbers are in some simbol or language I do not know, but once I click in one box it changes to a numeral but only the one I click in, the rest stay the same.

Is your language set properly? Looks like Arabic…

Language → …


I search all my fonts with the corresponding numbering and non gave me those simbols, also erased all the languages except english in LightBurn language folder and nop didnt work.

Do you see this display font in other applications as well? I would look into what is set as the overall Windows system font.

This is almost certainly Devanagari (used for many Indian languages including Hindi).

Also notice that the issue isn’t limited to Machine settings input fields. I can see that the numeric input fields in the Move window are also affected.

I’m curious why those fields would fallback to Devanagari.

In addition to checking your primary display language font as @Rick has suggested can you also check your non-unicode language setting:

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