Strange happenings and had to reset Lightburn

I have had a couple of strange things happen to me this afternoon that I hope someone could shed some light on. I was doing some practice ‘lines’ to get the right setting, I set the materiel on the honeycomb, created a circle on the screen grid, selected ‘Home’ and then ‘Position Laser’ and moved the laser head to the bottom of where the circle is, ran ‘Frame’ and all seemed well. Then I clicked ‘Start’ and the laser went off to the top of the frame and came back somewhere on the material. So, I deleted the preferences as per instructions, and now the ‘0’ position on the screen grid is at the bottom left instead of top left which is where I have always had it.
Could some kind soul please try to explain what has been happening so that I can get my head around it all

I found the problem with the positioning of ‘0’, I had the origin set to bottom left not top right. That one is fixed.