Strange No Layers issue

Using version 1.0.04 I have added a large rectangle to my project and its on the black C00 layer.
when I click the display icon on the tool bar I get a message popup saying I have no layers in my project set to output. The one and only layer is clearly set to output. Is this a bug maybe?

That’s strange. It’s not the error I would expect but could it be related to your shape being outside your workspace?

Can you share the .lbrn file please?

Well I tested that and it didn’t matter that it was inside or outside. I discarded the project after capturing that issue.

Strange indeed.

try send the file

I dont have the file I discarded it when I was having the issue.

It would have been nice to see what happened…


But on the other hand, if it can not be reproduced then it is not really a Problem either.

He ‘created’ or ‘produced’ it, meaning it can/will happen again.

A bug is a bug, if it exists it could effect other things in a much more obscure and difficult way to determine the cause.

What if YOU ‘accidentally’ reproduce it and waste 2 weeks trying to figure it out…

IMHO… software people don’t like that and no one else should find it acceptable.


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It should advise that parts are outside of the work area. It then gives you the options of continuing or canceling.

This doesn’t appear the same to me.


When the error message is “You have no layers in your project set to output”.

I can see he has the layer set to output. The error message appears to be incorrect, that is generally considered a bug.


That sounds fair enough, so I’ll retract my statement, but periodic hardware or software errors are something the devil has come up with and hard to find.

An old saying in programming, ‘you step on one bug and bunch more come to the funeral’.


Yea this had nothing to do with “out of bounds”, it was strictly not doing the display preview base on the fact that I did not have any layer to output to it when I did.

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