Strange problem with laser

Using Lightburn ver 1.0.01 , Ortur latest firmware 1.40, Laser Master 2 second generation.

The problem I am having just started, trying to burn 3mm plywood using any file or just text the laser will start to burn and then just shut off. I have to home laser and restart but still same problem. Now the strange part, it only does it between 235mm/min and 265mm/min , more than one pass and any power setting. I get this error ” [SC7A20:(275) Shock and Movement detected!]” but only at the speed range above. The laser is on a solid surface and not moving at all.

I tried replacing usb cables and it didn’t help, reset Lightburn to factory setting and reinstalled the laser. Didn’t make any difference.

Laser was purchased 7/17/2021

Hope you can help this is driving me nuts.

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