Strange strange behavior, upside down, backwards and not homing

Hi, all

I am new to Lightburn after suffering for years and years with Corel and the factory board on my K40.

I installed the Cohesion3D board and LightBurn and was up and running. I had some strange gremlins with the LightBurn camera (bough from Cohesion3d and mount) and then one day came in and turned on the laser and everything was engraving upside down and backwards. The laser also seems to forget where it is, even after homing.

I apologize in advance for the lengthy post. I am also attaching photos of my settings as I have seen requested in other posts.

So this is what is happening…

I come in and turn everything on, the laser homes in the top left corner.
I will put some text in the top left corner and press frame. The laser makes a box in the top left corner.

I move the text to the bottom right corner
I press frame and the laser makes a box in the top left corner.

No matter where I put the text or object, the laser thinks it’s in the top left corner.

When I engrave said text, it comes out upside down and backwards.

I have tried changing the origin point and that does not resolve the issue.

When I manually jog the laser it is backwards and reversed in its motion.

I have restored LightBurn to defaults by deleting the Preferences folder, with no change.

I am perplexed by the fact that if I move the origin it does not change the upside down and backwards text, etc as others have said it will.

Does anyone see anything I am missing, or have any suggestions? I have jobs backing up and this is our only CO2 laser and some things just won’t work in the fiber laser we have.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you might have to offer.

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Hi think you need to reverse your stepper motors this might help

or you might be able to change a software setting
stay safe

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