Strange symbol, LB hangs

I’m having a problem with a design, it appears to have confused LightBurn;

-Shows a strange circular arrow in grey in the left top of the window.
-Lines not accessible and
-“nan” in Xpos, YPos, Width and Heigh

the image is:

Any help will be welcomed!! Tks!!

How was this file created? In LightBurn or a different application? If imported, what format?

I also noticed you are running version 8.07. LightBurn has released 9.02 and there are many enhancements and fixes you are not benefiting from. :slight_smile:

Rick thanks for your feedback.

I upgraded to version 9.02 and the status is the same.

The initial file was created in and the resulting file Box.dxf was uploaded into LightBurn and modified.
It was saved a couple of times before the lock/loop happened.

The file is available to study it, or to use it as a debugging test demo or error seeking.

The more intriguing issue is the circle with arrows in the upper left corner, do you have an idea of what is the meaning? Also the “nan” in the location/dimensions numbers.

Sorry for my English, it is not my first language.

Yes, please post file that is causing issue and we can have a look. Our latest internal beta has a bunch of fixes for DXF file handling so this has likely been addressed.