Stray Lines on Marlin


I am relatively new to Lightburn (on macOS). I’m running a Comgrow 5W laser on a Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D printer on Marlin.

When I use the fill setting on text, I have multiple stray lines appearing on the outside and unburned lines in the text (see picture). I use a relatively low speed (1000 mm/min).


Thank you for the help!


This is most likely the Marlin firmware - it’s unfortunately quite common.

Read here: Scan Issues - Marlin - Diode laser - #10 by m1rk00

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Thank you for the reply.

Are you aware of any ways to solve the issue?
I looked at the thread you sent and it looks like the lines are still there.

I just ordered a new motherboard for my printer that runs Marlin 2.0. You think updated Marlin versions address the issue?


Updated versions can be an improvement, but it really depends on the settings the firmware was compiled with. That thread has a post on March 14th, (post #10) where he mentions the changes he had to make to the firmware to fix it.

Basically, the default settings for Marlin only update the PWM output for ten times per second, and it needs to be more like 1000 times per second in order for it to work for laser use.

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Excellent thank you, I’ll update the motherboard and edit the code. I’ll update the post to share the results.


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