Stray lines when laser head travels

stray lines when moving the laser head since 1.5

There’s a setting in the engraver that can cause this behavior.

I’d like to look at the GCode first. Some of the new 32 bit processors have messed up the Variable Spindle functionality by leaving the letter V out of the Build Options. This trips a Warning that drives users toward GRBL-M3 which isn’t the best selection.

In LightBurn, and with this file active, as if you were about to send it to the Laser, click File, click Save GCode, and save that file somewhere handy. Drag and drop that file into your next reply.

In the Console window in LightBurn please enter the Following:
then press Enter.

In the Console window, Scroll back to the Request you made by typing $$, Select and Copy the text from the whole report, then paste it into your reply here.

$32 (laser mode) should be set to 1 but what we are seeing appears to be the CNC spindle behavior that is set by $32=0.