Streaks when printing images

I am trying to print an image on my K40 with. Cohesion laser board. When I print it the images get streaks through it, even though the preview show no issues. The streaks are repeatable an occur each time I print images but does not do it when printing text.

Any ideas what I might be doing or do I have a problem with the board.

Any help would be appreciated.

Go to Edit > Device Settings and turn this back off again:

Note the bit where it says “Requires supported firmware” - You likely haven’t installed it.

Thank you. Where would I get the supported firmware?

Thanks for the fast response. Do you plan on a new board the can process faster?

I just updated my 3d printer because of this to 32 bit board. Works great.

I don’t make boards - C3D does that, I just changed the firmware because the speed limit annoyed me. :slight_smile:

If you want to go really fast, I’d suggest a Ruida or other DSP controller, but it won’t work for 3D printing.

Thanks. I will look into them for my k40 laser cutter. They will work faster with graphics?

A Ruida controller will go quite a bit faster than your K40 will. It would be like putting a Ferrari engine in a go kart. :slight_smile:

You’ll need external motor drivers as well, so the upgrade will cost close to $400 when you’re done - Though you could find them cheaper used, or get a Ruida 5120, which is a lower level controller with only 2 axis. Ruida is very fast, and very nice.

Thanks. The changes you recommended in the setting fixed the problem I was having. All good now.

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