Stream error 20

Starting stream


On or near line 3:

Stream completed in 0:00 keep getting this message>>
i am on version 0.9.07

what should i look for ?

Assuming you’re using GRBL for your firmware, error 20 is:

“error:20” : _(“Unsupported or invalid g-code command found in block.”),

So paste your saved gcode file here, or at least the first 5 lines, and we can go from there to see what invalid g-code command it’s trying to send.

Also let us know what grbl firmware version you’re running.

firmware 1.1 grbl
how can i paste the gcode the upload option in responde window wont accept file ending in gc

save it as a txt file.

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Don’t paste the whole file if the error is only on the 3rd line - Paste the first 5 or 10 lines of GCode from the text file.

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