Stretching and image when I turn on pass through

I import my image that I want to engrave on my glass. It is the correct dpi that it needs to be (254 dpi) I enable pass through mode and it stretches the image way out and cuts it off( pic1). If I disable pass thru and switch it to threshold it works(pic 2). But as far as I understand that is not optimal as it reprocesses the image.

Images have to be stretched in order to work on a rotary. Pass through is really intended for things that are dithered outside of LightBurn, where resizing the image would cause unwanted aliasing artifacts. For simple thresholded work like you have, the resampling will cause no problems, and generally improves things.

Oh ok thank you. I was told it could add additional “garbage” to the image if it was reprocessed.

That’s only true if the image is dithered, or very heavily patterned, like hand-drawn dot graphic fills or something similar.

Perfect. Thank you for the clarification.