Stripes in my coffee mug

I’m ending up with weird stripes in my coffee mug. I am using a Boss 70watt laser with the Chuck style rotary. I have attached the screenshots of my settings as well as the awful final product. I was commissioned to do 48 of these mugs and not off to a good start. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you for providing this report. Which model Ruida is used in this laser? You should see a sticker on the white control box inside the cabinet. Which firmware version is running that controller? You should see that listed on the display panel of the laser when you power it on. And what version of LightBurn, running under which OS?

The team has been collecting information around similar reports, yet we have not been able to reproduce on our hardware here. Anything you can think of, please share to help us track this down, is greatly appreciated.

You can try an earlier release of LightBurn, to test results.

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Sorry, my one good eye missed that you shared images. Says right there Rick, 9.24 Windows version, right? :slight_smile:

When I test at 10% on tape it looks fine. Once I power up to 40 or 50 it becomes obvious.