Stripes when burning

As the laser burns across it first starts leaving a stripe then sometimes starts working again and then the power seems to go down and it quits burning all together. (see attached)
I’ve tried new usb cable, restarting, and cleaning the laser.

Please show us what this should look like as a comparison. :slight_smile: Show the original design, how it looks in LightBurn (Workspace and Preview), and what settings you have for any layers when trying to produce.

Actually I had rewired my Ortur with drag chains to get the wires into a position that was more like a normal laser device. The part that connected the laser to the carriage had a loose wire that would lose contact and then make contact again.
I could not imagine what would cause that in the software and started wiggling wires an found it.
Thanks for you reply…


Bummer and Great! :slight_smile:

Glad you found the culprit and got this sorted. Thanks for the update.

Here is the finished product.

This will be a sign in my new butterfly garden…

Turned out pretty well. This is on a leather background…


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