Struggeling with short lines and letters/numbers

I am currently struggeling with Lightburn 1.3.01 and my Atomstack X30 Pro to burn short lines and letters/numbers.

The lines appear too short or too long and letters/numbers looking totally weird. I have already checked whether the belts (moving the laser) are too tight/loos, but they are totally fine.

Longer lines looking totally fine. The attached image shows a square 20x20mm which is perfect, but the number 2 in the middle looks strage.

Does anyone has any experience with such a behaviour?

Many thanks and best regards

It could be a licensing issue:

V 1.3 is rather old, so download a copy of the most recent version directly from the Official Download site:

Feed in your license info and it should perk right up.

If not, an email to should straighten things out.

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