Struggling to cut thru hardboard

I am struggling to cut through 3.2 mm hardboard. Any suggestions

Hi I am not using air assist. Busy cutting out desktop pencil cases. I am going to attach a image of the settings. The engraving looks good just the cutting is a problem.

Thank you so much for your time.


I am using mesonite wood.

Do you recommend disabling tabs.

Can I leave it on 23 passes. Yes I am in well ventilated area with fans.

The wood is 3.2mm thick can I leave the cut on 4 and how does skip work

Got my first laser about a month ago. Wanna start my own business in Arts and Crafts. I am going to try it like you said and will let you know what happens. Thank you so much for your help.

Yes that makes sense, if I pause the current job and modify it will the machine pick it up

Is it better to have air assist on the machine. I do have a small desktop fan running on the job in progress.

Ok thank you so much, will let you know how it went and if I have more questions. Thanks again

MDF is hard for most diode lasers, you should get medite.

A fan is not sufficient enough to be called “air assist”, you need to get an air assist kit for your Otur. They sell them on their website.

I take that back, they sell them on Etsy and you need to buy the pump.

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