Struggling to get lines straight

I recently purchased the Jtech 14W laser with air assist and can’t seem to correct this issue and struggling to determine if it’s the laser, the mount, lightburn and the settings) or my Shapeoko causing this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


This is almost certainly something mechanical. Specifically, looks like something that would allow for movement in the Y direction. What kind of mechanism do you have for your X-axis? Look for anything that would allow the laser head to rock back and forth. Physically push the laser head assembly by hand and see if you can feel any slop. Remove any detectable slop.

It’s also possible that the lens or lens barrel is sitting loose in the laser module but would check for that only after checking the laser assembly mount and gantry.

I would definitely check the belt tightness, or lack thereof, and also the rollers to make sure there is no play. I think you have an easy fix.

Seem harmonic vibrations
I would half the speed, if they disapear or get better is a matter of weight distribution
seems the laser might be hanging too low and getting some pendulum effect.
Tweaking accelerations might help but in effect halfing the speed will result in the same

Thanks for all the help. It ended up being settings $120 and $121 i needed to lower the acceleration to 100 and it fixed it perfectly

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100 mm/s^2 is quite slow. I suspect reducing the acceleration is just masking the root problem. Or another way to look at is you’re leaving some performance on the table.

You may want to look at ways you can increase rigidity in your setup to recover any of that acceleration.

Yes, reducing acceleration basicly reduces the overall speed too
A image of the setup could help, but from experience i would say the laser mass is hanging too low
A good option if doable would be to raise the material to the laser head so the laser mass is side by side with the X axis slider

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