Struggling to resize slots

Joannes Shelf Larger Experiment.lbrn2 (213.1 KB)
Hi, I have this file from, now the wife wants it wider, I know i could just create a new box, but where is the fun in that.

I have re-sized 1 part to the approx size i want, I have checked with the ruler, the new tab size is 5,5mm where it was 3.50mm before enlarging.
I have made sure it is ungrouped
I have optimised the shape
I Dont see any arrows to indicate a change will be made and no errors either
Any ideas please, I have attached 2x screenshots and the file, as you can see from the file there are a few to re-size

Screenshot from 2024-06-15 18-24-41

You are unable to resize them because the file from has loop corners. It needs square corners for the tool to work. It’s a very easy setting to miss when setting up the box. I don’t know why loop is default.
Screenshot 2024-06-15 at 1.34.25 PM

Looks like @thelmuth just beat me to it! As well as the loops I think you also need to generate without the radius.

Agreed, I saw the radius corners after I posted and went back to close the file.

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Thanks guys for the quick reply, i will do this in future… thanks again

I never zomed in that far… :slight_smile: