Struggling with a radius

Hi all, I have created the following but want to radius the parts marked in Red, I’ve tried to figure this out with YouTube etc, but I must be doing something wrong…


If your shape is a continuous shape, and the square corners are straight lines (not large arcs), select the radius tool, set your rad to the size you want, and click on the square corners.

Did that and it would not work could it because the shape is something I joined ( Bool union I think )

This is what I love in this forum, I learn new things by reading some answers.
So, I tried this: made two rectangles overlap, doing a cross.
Rounded all the radii. Joined the rectangles with the boolean tool.

So far, so good…
I used the Radius tool on these inner corners too:

Looks like it worked too, so the boolean operation is not the issue.

Let see with something more similar to your shape, adding some holes made by subtracting circles from the previous shape:

Mmm, indeed, it doesn’t seem to like this more complex shape.
Perhaps you should remove the holes, round your corners, and add back the holes?
Your shape isn’t very complex yet, it is doable.

It seems you can’t edit the nodes of such shape (composed from Boolean operations?)

If you have the holes grouped with the shape, it doesn’t work. Ungroup, and it works

Did you do the corners before you added the holes ? It won’t work if the shape is grouped, ungroup everything firs then do corners then regroup.

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