Struggling with new amazon laser engraver

I purchased this amazon engraver kit ( Uttiny CNC Laser Engraver Kits, GRBL 7000MW 40x30cm 2 Axis) to burn copy and logos onto wood. Build was fine, works with included sample files. The included software was a mess, was recommended to Lightburn and like it greatly.

I make a simple file in LB with my iMac, transfer to an SD card and plug it into the engraver-offline hand controller. The controller screen shows CTRL and FILE, I click on FILE and It brings up an image of a computer screen and an image of an SD card (I think, it’s not in front of me). I highlight the SD card because that is where the file is I wish to work with.

Upon hitting okay for the highlighted image (to begin engraving), immediately the word “PRINTED>” comes up with an arrow on the right pointing to the right and nothing happens.

What do I need to do?

I’m not familiar with this engraver or how it interacts with the SD card, if there are any special format requirements for the code, etc. I’m not sure what to tell you - If you’re using the GRBL profile in LightBurn (or possibly, GRBL-M3 could be more compatible) I’d expect the gcode generated to work, but that’s assuming the device works and hasn’t messed with the version of GRBL on it.

Hi, and thank you for the reply. I’ll try the grbl-m3 format, nothing to loose. And yes, as far as I can tell, the machine works.

I changed the format to grbl-m3, copied new files to the SD card,and unfortunately, it made no difference. Any other ideas? Thank you.

See if the stock software can save GCode to disk (or the SD card) and if that works, post one so I can have a look.

okay, that needs to wait until tomorrow, but I thank you for any and all of your help.

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