Stuck on same repeated engrave

I have a black and red Preenex 100w laser engraver with a rudia contoller and I’m using lightburn. My problem is that my engraver is stuck on the same engrave and I can’t seem to get it to go away so I can move on with my projects. My lightburn program won’t work because it’s saying my machine is either busy or paused. Please Help!!

Go to the ‘File List’ Window - do you have a lot of files stored in the controller (or just a few big ones)? If so, you’ll likely have to delete some. Ruida controllers act funny when they get full.

It says there are no files

Did you refresh the list? (you need to do that or it’ll just show up empty)

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “stuck on the same engrave”? If you hit Pause on the controller, then Stop, it should beep at you and stop, and then you should be able to send new data.

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