Stucking laserhead

Hello there,

i own an Atomstack A5 upgraded with the M50 (50W input) module.
While picture engraving with speeds higher than 2000 mm/m and an line interval of 0.1mm i’ve experienced an issue when the laser passes high pixel areas of the picture. When the laser has to fire very often through these high pixel areas it will stuck like it cant handle so many gcode instructions.
I’ve upgraded the system from 8-bit to 32-bit to solve this problem but nothing has changed…

Also lightburn doesn’t wand to find the new controller when searching for it. Manually adding it will work. The old controller was found automatically. Both controllers run with GRBL and i’m using an Windows 11 machine with CH340 driver installed.

Do i have to change the settings of lightburn (baud rate for example) in any way?

Kind regards