Subtracting text from an image

I know there’s a simple answer for this. But I sure can’t find it. I’ve tried masking and cutting. I’m doing something wrong, or I’m misunderstanding what they are used for.
Boolean is only for vectors, so that is out.

I have a grey scale image and I want to add some text to it that will block out the engraving. Basically, white letters on a grey image.

I’ve got to be missing something simple.

Master.lbrn2 (416.5 KB)

If you put the text on the same ‘Tool’ Layer as your circle and group them together, you can then use the masking tool to subtract the text from the image as well as removing the parts of the image outside of the circle. I’ve attached the result I got doing this- I think it’s what you’re looking to do. :slight_smile:

Master2.lbrn2 (424.7 KB)

LOL, Thanks! I knew it’d be simple.

I read that article on masking before I asked my question. But obviously I need to read it again.

I was unable to duplicate your results on the file I supplied. I could add the text to the tool layer. I could group the text and circle together. But I couldn’t get the text to mask, only the circle.
So, I dumped everything and started over with the base image. Worked like a champ on the first try.

Got any idea why I couldn’t duplicate your results? I changed the text to “line”, I changed the layer to “T1”, I grouped the text and circle. No change to image. The “Apply mask to image” command is greyed out.

I thought it might have to do with the circle being used as a mask already and the text not. When I tried to “unmask” the circle, I can’t find “Remove mask from image” command. I think the docs show it under the “Edit” menu tree. It’s not there for me, (ver1.2.04). Nor is it under the “Tools” menu tree. Which is where the “Apply mask to image” command resides.

Sorry for being such a newbie! :wink:

Your image was grouped with something else. To remove the mask, first select the image and ungroup it, then ‘Remove Mask from Image’ will be available when you right-click. Then, with your text and circle grouped on a tool layer, you’ll be able to use it to mask the image.

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