Successfully controlling my NEJE 3 Max with Lightburn w/o 60’ USB cable - Finally

It has always been a necessity to figure out how to control the laser machine with the Lightburn software without having a long hazardous USB cable running across my shop. The chances of tripping over it, yanking it out of the sockets and causing bodily harm far outweighed the possibility of starting a fire. When I first heard of the ‘bridge’ I was excited … then of course it only was made to function as remote over wifi for Ruida machines. Long story short, Raspberry Pi 4 model B and Virtualhere was all that was needed to trick the computer into thinking that the laser was plugged into the desktop and as a result, the Lightburn program knows no different.

I have successfully completed several projects without any fail so far. This was not so I can have my laser rooms away. It was to have the ability to do all my drawings on my very powerful desktop then send the job to the laser that is sitting outside (rolling cabinet) which I walk over to after sending the job and observe the progress.

Any thoughts to having an IP camera that can be recognized by Lightburn so I can take scale measurements from objects on laser bed? I’d like to be able to have accurate tracings

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I’ve used USBIP on an rPi for a while until I run across a bunch of cheap X86 tablets with USB3 and Linux on them for about $2ea. Now I just run SAMBA and share the drive with LightBurn running on the tablet once I’ve solidified the design on the desktop in the office.

I set up camera once just to keep an eye on progress but didn’t try to interface a camera with LIghtBurn over USBIP.

Remote control is not “advisable” for what should be obvious safety issues. I run my little machine outside on a small desk on a concrete slab so nothing to lose but the table, rPi(gold these days) and the little laser.

I too run a cam2ip usb camera in the cabinet so i can watch from the desktop when I send the job to make sure it at least begins, then i walk t the laser which is also outside… again it is the only thing that would be at risk (and maybe the cnc router on top. LOL

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You would not believe the number of “I just stepped away from the laser for xxx” with the picture of a gutted laser and sometimes burnt up work area. And most didn’t have air assist or didn’t have it on.

oh i believe it. same rules apply . 2 seconds away. just because I’m using wifi and not a physical USB doesn’t mean I’m not still using my brian.

also, when I am not using the laser outside, I use the physical UBS cable so I’m always right there.

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