Successive layer shifting along the X-axis

Hello all. New user here. Currently having some layer shift issues with my company’s Red and Black 80W. I’ve searched for and read similar posts but most are either not specific enough to our issue to troubleshoot or the topics are closed before the issue is verified as resolved.

Plainly stated, I have an engraving file that is experiencing successive shifting along the X-axis. Each layer shifts fractionally to the right. I have inspected the belt, pulleys, motor and track. The head moves freely with no binding or jumping. I have adjusted the x-axis acceleration from 8000 mm/s to 4000 then down to 2000 in 500 increments. The idle speed seems slow enough. The physical symptoms seem to be that the stepper is skipping steps at the end of or beginning of(or both) each layer. The file I am running was just recently engraved 2-3 weeks ago with no issues. I really need this fixed as I am on a deadline and I cannot afford to keep wasting Durablack. If anyone could point me in a direction towards a resolution I would be eternally appreciative. Thank y’all.

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Here’s a bit more info from the troubleshooting I have performed. The layer shift is exactly 0.020 either at the end of every layer or the beginning of layer 2 and continuing. I am currently only seeing the shift when I print multiples of a similar file. If I print only one I can set each text group and image onto a separate layer and the print has no issues. When I print multiples I set all of the text per file as a single layer.

Imagine a group of placards arranged in rows and columns. Beginning at the far right the text from the entire column of placards is layer 1, then 2, then 3. Each layer is shifting predictably to the right 0.020. Beginning at the bottom, if the entire row is set to layer 1, then 2, then 3 each row will shift to the right 0.020.

I feel it may be worth noting that my company opted to not renew our update subscription as Lightburn and our machine have been operating flawlessly until this point.

Hello there.

Is it anything similar to this that is happening mine?

As far i understsand is seems very similar issue…

The issue seems somewhat similar. I actually just found a semi-fix for my problem. My layers would only shift after outlining text. The text size was rather small and I can only guess that the line speed was too high and was causing my X stepper to skip steps. I slowed my line speed way down and the problem has gone away. Your shifting seems consistent across the entire print though. Mine would compound as the print ran.

My shifting gets bigger the more i cut, it is not consistent.
If i cut a set of angels like the one below, doing one complet angel with green layer fill, red line just marking and black line cutting, starting bottom left, after the first ones they start descending and toching the previous one wings.

If i set to do one layer at a time, when it cuts it is already overlapping with the previous layer. Even in the same layer, in more dtailled designs where it needs to do a lot of travelling it gets offset in a couple of minutes…

Tried lower speeds and same result.