Suggested starting settings for glass engraving

Hello people.
What would be good start settings to test for glass engraving ?
Dont want to have any explodey things happening due to not enough speed or too much power. 80W tube.

Not trying photo, just some fill squares…

Well, I’ve got an 80W tube, and I’ve been using 8% power @ 250mm/sec and .04mm interval with pretty good results.

Start there and adjust to taste…

15/15 Power, 275 mm a second, .042 Interval on my 80w gave a nice frost without major sharding on Anchor Hocking glass. Remember, “glass” can have slightly different formulations and thus one manufacturer’s product can react differently to the laser versus another manufacturer’s product.

Google is your friend. Research masking tape, wet newspaper and dish-washing soap coating for lasering glass techniques to even out the look of the etching.

Doing that atm, but as per usual too much conflicting info.
I’d trust something said here, though. Hence me being “lazy” asking lazy questions.
Horses mouth and all that… :smiley:

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