Suggestion for a more useful backup file

The backup files created by Lightburn serve no purpose for me. As you know, they are deleted when I close Lightburn and also when I save a file. If I have made a mistake, there is simply no backup file left. The whole backup system in LB is therefore obsolete and only useful if LB crashes. LB has never crashed for me. It is simply very good software.

My CAM (CamBam) has a more sensible backup solution. I can set a number of backups in the configuration. The backup files are created when saving or automatically after an interval. They are given a name, file extension and a number. If 3 backups are selected, the file names are xxxx.cb1, xxxx.cb2, xxxx.cb3. The fourth backup then overwrites the first file.
These files remain even after the file or program has been closed.
This means that the files are also included in the hourly interval of the general data backup by timemachine. After deleting the number in the file extension, the files can be opened normally.

I would like to have such a backup system for Lightburn as well.
Thank you

Hi Ralf

Indeed a interesting thought and feature

I would suggest visiting and see if someone done the suggestion already if not do make it there.
Dev team visits and comments almost daily :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick reply.
I have described the request there.

The downside of a file rollback method is that you have to document all the stuff you did right after you did the screwup. Then roll back, do it right, then redo all the good stuff you documented. You did do the documenting of each step, right?

In 50 years of using and writing software, I have never found a file rollback system useful.