Suggestions for Laser Cutting Machine

Hi, good morning
I want to by a machine that can cut wood, 3 mm or 5 mm, this is only for Crafts, like doll house, i don’t want to expand to much money, can somebody help me and recommend one machine that can be compatible with this software, I been watching many videos about this software and is AMAZING, i dont want to buy a machine that is not compatible with this Software.
Please Help

Hi Karla,
To do the cutting you want to do I and I believe most people would tell you to go the CO2 laser route, not what they call diode lasers.

To cut, especially something 5mm plywood, the CO2 will be far more capable.

Probably the most cost effective machine is called a K40 laser.
There are many makers but the design is generic. Quality tends not to be very high, but, there are hundreds of videos dealing with overcoming the challenges.

I have seen many posts for K40 machines, so again believe that LightBurn does support them.
Please do a quick search in the forum to find out more.

I am sure there will be many viewpoints and I hope all help in your decision.

Regards and good luck.

This is excellent software and the people in the forum is stunning :grin:

A K40 is as Gary says a good offer but you need a little extra money on a controller that can work with LightBurn, the original can not.

Thanks, I wasnt sure :slight_smile:

Thank you soooo much for all your help

Thank you sooo much for all your help

You are welcome, please come back and share your successes and challenges, people are really friendly and helpful.

Whatever you do try to get something that can be used with LightBurn.
I have even come over to LightBurn to do all my laser interface and for design. I used Coreldraw for years but I’m a convert now.

I’m even going to convert another machine to allow me to use LightBurn with it. :shushing_face::grin::sunglasses::sunglasses:

This is one of the boards you could swap to

By all accounts it drops right in.

As you know I didn’t use the combination but cohesion 3d and LightBurn go together well


Another nice plug and play solution is the Mini-Gerbil, this controller costs about $ 90 and also handles the task to full satisfaction with LightBurn.
No matter what you choose, there is always help to be found here in the forum.

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