Support for import and export with extended feature set

grbl is over 3 years old without updates and frozen due to lack of program space in 8bit controllers it’s designed for. Most all new 3DP, laser and CNC controllers are 32bit and there are now a few 32bit forks of grbl out there. The problem is that there’s generally backward support which means LightBurn works with these 32bit versions but LightBurn’s import and export of grbl settings is tied to the 8bit grbl spec and will not capture things like $22 being a mask instead of a boolean or some of the added settings such as grblHAL supports.

Just putting this out there just in case some 32bit fork of grbl gets picked up and declared the official direction of the 8bit grbl. Or, there becomes and option to just find all elements of $$ and export and import them without an comparison to an old unsupported spec.

Referencing a post I made initially about this: Laser unlocked notice - #27 by DougL and mention by Oz to start a new thread in this category.

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