SUPPORT: No layer set to output

I’m trying to burn this image and when I try and frame, I get a dialog that says I have no layers set to output, but as you can clearly see in the image below, I do have the layer set to output.
If I try and burn it immediately goes to my finish position and I get an error in the console.

What does this mean? I never had to turn on Cut Selected Graphics before, and it clearly says I dont have a layer in my project that is set to output which is clearly not the case.

Agree with @nickm324 ‘what does this mean’… the cut selected graphics is off and the layer is set to output as can be seen in post.


When there is nothing selected, nothing can be processed, in my humble opinion

Yea thats not how it works. If you have multiple items on your workspace you can select specific ones only and then check the Cut Selected and it will only cut the selected ones. When its off it will cut/burn all objects on the workspace.

Cut selected graphics is off, but the output of the layer is set to on.


[quote=“jkwilborn, post:7, topic:86861”]
Cut selected graphics is off, but the output of the layer is set to on.

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Thank you. In all the time I’ve been working with LightBurn, I’ve only used “Cut selected Graphics” and forgot that there are also other options, sorry. The fault lies with me, I didn’t know better yesterday.

So I was able to fix this and get it to burn by selecting the mask layer and the image and right clicking and selecting to merge the mask. Once it did that it removed the mask layer and then it functioned as expected with both framing and burning. So it looks like there is some kind of masking bug.

If you have all the ‘parts’ to recreate it, I’d ship it to support … something isn’t right there…

Good job… don’t let it keep you up a night… we all miss things now and then… one of the good things about multiple inputs…

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