Supports for LS1290 / EX USB FX2 / MCP6515

Hello, Im got a EZ USB FX2 based controller on my laser and looking for different software other that 2D design and Laser Cut 5.3. Is there anyway that i can get the laser working with Light Burn? or anything in the pipeline etc?

Let me know if there is any work around as i really like the look of Light burn and would love to buy it… just can’t get it working. Read on here that some people have swapped out controllers and upgraded them… that to me sounds like a scary prospect with limited knowledge of lasers…



I believe LaserCut means you have a Leetro controller. If so, LightBurn does not currently support this setup. We have one to work with, but it’s going to be quite a while before it’s supported. Typically it takes about 4 months to add support for a controller, but the initial look suggests that they offload a bunch of the motion planning to the software, so it’s not going to be as straightforward as the others we’ve done so far, so it’ll likely take a bit longer.

Thanks for the response Rick :+1:t2: , nice to know something may be in the pipeline. Would their be any advantage in upgrading the controller to something more modern? One currently supported by Light Burn for example? I’ve already read on here people switching away from what I currently have installed saying they’ve never looked back…

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